Sunday, April 19, 2015

Acrylic painting: Plein air in Dighalipukhuri

Plein air in Dighalipukhuri
Camel Artist Acrylics and Pebeo Acrylics on Canson Montval 300 gsm rough
11X 14 inchs
is a rectangular man-made pond in Guwahati, about half a mile long. Dighalipukhuri derived its name from the word ‘dighal’ which means long. The lake is believed to be dug by Bhagadutta, the king of Pragjyotishpura. It is also mentioned in the Mahabharata,the great Indian epic. In historical times, it was used by the Ahoms as a naval yard. Its access to the Brahmaputra was eventually closed, and during colonial times, that portion was further filled on which the Circuit House was built.

Dighalipukhuri is a prominent tourist attraction in the heart of Guwahati with boating facilities and recreational activities. It is an old rectangular lake of half a mile long originally engraved out from the Brahmaputra. Later, it was separated from the river when a portion was filled up.

This actually is very old fishery building in Digholipukhuri. It was build many years back by the Government to monitor fish farming or pisciculture, a principal form of aquaculture in Digholipukhuri.

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